Big brown eyes stared into the mirror as his hand fixed his bowtie. His hand trembled a bit and you could hear the ragged breath the man was taking. Fingers nervously fixed his suit jacket and flattened out every fold there could be. It had to be perfect. The soft giggled that neared the room pulled him out of his trance and the door was pushed open by little chubby fingers.

"Daddy!" a little voice yelled and her little legs carried her over and into the man's arms.

"Hey there little girl." He whispered into the giggling girls' ear. She gripped his suit and wrinkled it probably but he didn't mind it. She could do anything she wanted to him, that's how much he loved her.

"you look so beautiful! Has your dad seen you yet?" he stroked his fingers through her dark hair and felt the little bows that had been precisely placed at the end of every braid.

Little brabbles slipped past her lips what made Gulf only

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