"Sebestian, not here!" Adom whined. Sebestian was pushed up against his back while Adom was cooking dinner. His hands around his hips, caressing his skin under his shirt. Sebestian kissed a trail down from his neck to his shoulder that made Adom shiver. The spoon he was holding was shaking in his hand as he lost control of his body when Sebestian kissed him like that.

"she's asleep now. Just a quickie" Sebestian whispered in his ear and grinned when Adom leaned back against him. Sebestian hands wandered up Adom body and circled the already hardening nipples.

"your smell gives you away and you know I can feel your emotions now."

Adom shuddered under Sebestian's touch and moaned when Sebestian sucked a dark spot on his neck.

He dropped the spoon and turned the stove of. He turned around in Sebestian's grasp and connected their lips.

"Okay, but be fast!" Adom warned an

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