Adoms walked softly to Sebestian's office, he pressed his ear against the closed door and only heard Sebestian's voice. He figured he had to be alone and the meeting he had with his closest security members must have ended.

Slowly he opened the door and realized he was wrong, there, in his husbans's office were at least a dozen men, all dressed in black tuxedos. His face heated when he felt all of their gazes directed to him.

"Beautiful, hi" Sebestian smiled at him from the other side of the room. "We are having a little bit of a problem over here, wait outside please."

Adom looked at the screen reflected on the wall, there was a photo of a man he actually knew who he was. He and Sebestiab had talked about him a few nights ago. His name was Ram, and apparently he had messed with their security cameras on the mansion and other properties, it was no secret Ram was a close ally to the other mafia Family. Luckily for them, Sebestian's team had caught the bug o

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And when did Adonis dress in heels? Lost on this whole conversation
goodnovel comment avatar
There’s not enough context to understand what Adonis is volunteering to do
goodnovel comment avatar
I thought Sebastian got out…when he did he get back in or did he never fully leave..

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