"Fuck me, fuck me, c'mon" the man under Alex screamed in pleasure as he pounded him into the mattress, the whole bed shaking by the force of Alex thrusts.

"Shut up" Alex ordered, placing his hand on the man's neck, making him face the mattress, muffling his babbling.

The man he was currently fucking obeyed at Alex commanding tone and took every brutal, pleasurable thrust of Alex hips.

"Slut" Alex groaned, feeling himself close to his orgasm.

The man he was currently fucking was beautiful, his skin tan, his body slim but muscular and strong, his hair dark... but he wasn't Win. In fact, Alex couldn't remember his name.

Win had entered Alex mind in a way he just couldn't forget him since he saw him that night.

A now Alex had dedicated the last nights of life to fuck any man he saw who reminded him of Win, neither of them were nearly as good as the

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