Win sighed and relaxed when he heard Alex closing the door of his loft, leaving his place. He was conflicted to say the least.

On one hand, he was about to go on a date with the Alex, the head of the  Mafia, the most powerful and dangerous man in all city. Alex was not a good person, he knew that. Alex killed, tortured and broke the law, probably on a daily basis. He was ruthless and cold, he intimidated people, as he witnessed mere minutes ago, when the poor boy? man?... Win didn't remember his name, but how with just a couple of words, Alex made the poor man run away scared in just his underwear.


On the other hand, Win had never connected with someone like he had with Alex. All week he tried to forget about him, about his mouth against him, his strong hands on his waist, his dominant touch on his body. Win had wanted to see him again, to get to know him, but when he found out he slept with Ale

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