Alex sighed happily when he heard Win little yawn next to him. It had been one month since Win moved in with him and Alex had never been happier in his life. It was a realization he had not long after Win moved in.

He loved Win.

He loved him and having him next to him all day was a gift to him.

As he expected, the plan had worked out perfectly, Win boss Mrs. Rile had closed the studio days after Alex's visit. He remembered how sad Win sounded when he called him that night, telling him his boss fired him and was closing the makeup studio. When Alex asked him if he wanted to move in with him, he was sure Win would say yes before he got the actual response from his dear boyfriend.

The first thing he told Win when he moved in was that he didn't need to find another job, the only thing that he needed to do was to be there for Alex. Between Win smile at his words and the friendship that grew between him and his sister Emma, he was sure Win would be stayin

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Monika Stanisławiak
Perfect story. I love it. Couldn't hold back from the beginning to the last letter. You are doing a very good job. Thank you. Hope for more
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