After an exhausting 5 hours on the bus, Adom finally arrived in the familiar neighbourhood. He had been in and out sleep on the bus ride and it made him even more exhausted with his head hitting the bus window every time. He had looked in his selfie camera to see if it hadn't left a bruise on his head because he felt like he got a concussion every time it happened.

The rest of the hours he tried to sit up not wanting another headbanger from the window.

Now they had finally arrived in front of his parents' house and he paid the taxi driver and took his stuff from the trunk and looked up. He saw the cosy white house standing tall between all the similar styled houses. He didn't know he had missed it that much when a smile appeared on his face and he noticed an excited figure waving at him from the window.

His mom of course.

Adom waved back and grinned while walking up the steps to the front door with his weekend back over his shoulder. His mom was there already holding the door open for him with a big smile on her face.

"Adom! You've grown so much!" she engulfed him in a tight hug and Adom almost dropped his stuff from how tight she squeezed.

"I've missed you too. But really, I haven't grown that much." he answered and kissed her on the cheek and smiled down at her.

"well, definitely always taller than me " she joked and slapped his arm.

Adom looked around; everything still looked the same as always. Mom didn't like change and she had always disliked it when Adom left to go to college and live on his own, she had begged him to go to college here but he had refused.

"where's dad?" he asked as he didn't see him when he looked around.

"He's in the kitchen making dinner. Your favourite this time!"

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