Adom walked behind his mother into the kitchen to greet his dad. He was cooking dinner and was murmuring over the stove but as he looked up his eyes widened with glee and he put his spoon down and rushed to his son's side to pull Adom in a big hug.

"Son! You're back! Wait till your sister sees you." he laughed and pulled away to look Adom up and down.

"yes, still so pretty.. but thin! have you lost weight? Good thing I cooked a lot" he said with a sigh and patted his seemingly thinner upper arms.

"stop that dad" Adom huffed as his eyes darted away shyly.

His dad would always say that when he visited. Of course, they knew he was an omega and they were very proud of him. They had never shamed him for being an omega and embraced his second nature. It was just Adom that couldn't live with it. He wished to have the same mentality as them.

"I've been working a lot, maybe that's why I've lost some weight," he said as he put his bag near de door before sitting down at the dinner table not thinking much of it. His dad looked at him and shook his head.

"you don't need to work part-time boy, you get money from us monthly right for your expenses?" he said with question in his voice. Adom looked up and felt like he had been found out. He worked to be able to afford those scent neutralizers. He couldn't say that though and he laughed a little nervously and thought about what to say now.

"you know I also want to be able to pay for things myself. Not just your money" he said nonchalantly like he wasn't just telling a blatant lie.

They didn't need to know he hid his second nature and everyone had been thinking he was an alpha.

They both luckily didn't suspect anything and agreed.

"well it's your life, you should have more fun instead of working so much though. How's the love life going? Any good looking alpha around who swooned you of your feet?" dad continued jokingly and winked at him. Adom darted his eyes around and gulped, what was he supposed to say about that!

He needed to get away from here because the questions were getting more and more personal.

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