"Okay, I'm going to my room to unpack, call me when diner is ready!" Adom avoided the question and got up. He waved and grabbed his stuff and ran up the stairs. He heard his dad chuckle and say something to his mom that he couldn't hear any more as he reached his old bedroom.

As he opened the door he smiled, it was still the same as always. His bed in the corner of the room next to his window. He always loved waking up with the chirping of the birds and the sunlight shining in. The old posters on the wall and the action figures he had collected over the years and hadn't taken with him to college still stood tall and proud on his dresser. The mirror with the crack on the left side from when he was so mad, he found out he was an omega also wasn't replaced yet. His parents didn't know why it was cracked though. He dumped his bag on the floor and jumped on his bed face first and sighed.

Adom was happy to be home and just relax and be himself for a while. He had been pretending and acting too much the last years, he was exhausted from pretending to be that tough and stern alpha. He was way too soft to act like that all the time.

His second nature was right.

He was way more of a cuddly person and his personality was also way softer. He loved being taken care of, although he would never admit it. He wanted to feel arms wrap around him and kiss his neck softly.

That's what his heart wanted but he hid that far away.

He could also be the one giving all that affection, he could try at least!

He was deep in thought as the door of his room slammed open.


a high-pitched screech came from the opening. Adom sat up quickly with a yelp. His sister stood in the doorway with a huge smile plastered on her face before she giddily ran into to the room jumped on top of him.

"I've missed youuu!!!" she yelled in his ear as she held him in a tight hug. Adom gasped and tried to pry her off of him.

His rib case was being crushed with her arms and his lungs slowly lost all air.

"c-can't breathe. " he gasped out.

"oh sorry"

His sister let him go but still sat on top of him. Adom looked up and smiled as his little sister was excited to see him. He was to after all this time apart.

"I've missed you too!" he said and teasingly pushed her over onto the floor before he sat up. she grunted and quickly sat up again, wiping her long hair out of her face and sat on the bed again but not before punching Adom in return.

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