"He seems to like you. Not that usual." the man chuckled as he saw the dog enjoying Adom caressed.

"haha, well both a first, I like dogs but dogs don't seem to always like me too." he smiled up at the man and stood back up.

"Sorry, I'm a bit rude. My name is Adom." he reached out his hand and greeted the man.

"I'm Seth." The suited man said and greeted him with a smile and shook his hand.

"you live around here?" Seth said and squinted his eyes.

"ah! Well, my parents live here, I'm back home for the holidays." Adom said with a smile.

He had never seen this man here before too but he hadn't been home for a long time so maybe he had moved here in the meantime.

"you live around here too?" he asked out of curiosity.

"yes, we moved here 6 months ago."

"ah okay, well nice meeting you. And the cute dog!" He said and looked at his watch. He saw that it was almost 9 am and they had agreed to eat breakfast together with the family so he had to hurry.

"I'm sorry I have to hurry, I'll be leaving now, see you around!"

"yes, see you around..." Seth said and waved him goodbye.

Adom hurried home and was just in time for breakfast as he slipped in his seat just in time. His sister had just woken up and yawned as she ate her breakfast, her hair sticking out to all sides. His parents chatted away and Adom could only think about the strange man with the dog. Good thing the man hadn't mentioned his scent because he forgot to put on his scent neutralizers this morning, he didn't mind much here because his family were used to his cinnamon apple scent and his heat was nowhere near so most alphas wouldn't be able to smell it.

"mom? Have there been new people moving to town in the last months?" Adom asked as they were seated around the table.

"Not that I know of but people come and go here. What about it?"

"No nothing, just thinking," Adom mumbled but found it strange.

So, the man wasn't known here but he said he lived around here...

He let it go and ate his breakfast before he helped his dad to clean out the garage.

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