When lunchtime hit, mom made them sandwiches and Adom left right after that to meet up with his friends.

He took his old bike out of the garage and sprinted away, the court was only 5 minutes away and as he arrived, he could already see some familiar faces. His face lit up as he approached them after he had locked his bike.

"Hey!!!" they yelled in union as Adom hugged them and laughed.

"Hello to you too. It's been awhile" Adom said and approached Sam.

"well, you left us! we meet up here every week to play, have to become just as good as you" Sam joked and slapped Adom back.

"okay if you practised so hard, let's play then! Show me if you've improved" Adom challenged them with a glint in his eyes as he grabbed the ball and walked to the middle of the field.

They made teams and started the game. Adom had missed this as he was passing the ball around. In college he didn't have time to play and most people he knew didn't play soccer either. They played around for some time and just as Adom was about to score, he smelled it.

This scent. So, enticing and so good. It smelled like sandalwood.

He completely forgot about the game as his mind drifted off. He had never really smelled other people and this made him confused. If he smelled other alphas it was never this strong. How was he able to smell something now? And who was it?

He passed the ball and looked around. He didn't register his friends calling his name as he was sniffing the air and trying to find out who this amazing smell belonged too. He felt his heart flutter and beat loudly in his chest. He had never felt something like this and it made him scared. His Omega yipped inside of him, also something he had never registered before. How was this possible!

Adom had never been connecting with his omega side and now it came out as if it was the first time he had presented. He had tried to hide the voices away but now it was purring in his head as they smelled the air.

He felt his ears turn red and his knees weaken as he tried to follow the scent. His omega had taken over and wanted nothing more than to follow it and wrap himself inside that person's arms.

Person! Adom came back to his senses when he registered what he just had done! He let his omega out! This can't be happening!

"are you okay?" Sam touched Adom shoulder. Startled, Adom turned around as his friends looked at him with concern.

"ah... Yeah. It's nothing. Felt a little dizzy that's it." he lied and smiled reassuringly at them after swallowing hard. He could feel his omega yipping and jump in him, happy with the smell.

What could that mean?

He had never experienced something like this and he had never learned about omegas as he didn't plan on being one.

He shook his head. He could deal with this.

"come one let's play. You still haven't won from me" He said jokingly and kicked the ball away.

As they were sweating and breathing hard after playing a few more rounds they called it a day.

"you know what we should do!" Sam said excitedly. "we should go out tonight to the bar to celebrate Adom return!"

Everyone cheered and Adom thought why not. It's been a while since he let loose so he agreed and they decided to meet up tonight at the local bar.

A few drinks would surely help calm his nerves and the unsettling feeling inside him.

He needed to calm his omega down or things could get worse.  

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