“Boss, I'm back.” Seth said as he walked into Sebestian study, the little dog waggled inside after him and sat himself before the said boss. Sebestian looked up, his eyes stern and his gaze fixed on his 2nd in command.

“good, let's go. They found the man who has tried to meddle with our business. Let’s hear him out.” Sebestian said with a dark look and a smirk on his face. As he stood up and buttoned his suit jacket, he almost moaned. That smell. Where did it come from? It was a sweet mix between cinnamon and apple and his Alpha inside perked up and became restless. He looked around and sniffed. He couldn’t place it and didn’t know where it came from.

“do you smell that?” he asks.

“what smell. I don’t smell anything.” Seth said and looked at his confused boss. He had never seen him act like this. Ever.

They had moved here with the gang over 6 months ago and this was the first ti

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