They were heading to one of the abandoned warehouses at the back of the little town. As they drove, Sebestian couldn’t stop thinking about that amazing smell. He had never been that caught off-guard and it made him feel things he had never felt. Was this his mates smell? He had never believed in something like fated pairs and he thought people were just exaggerating with the stories and how you would know by smell that someone was your mate. Now he was questioning those “made up stories. This smell was one of a kind and he had never smelled anything like this before. Was this his mates smell? And where did it come from? His alpha was very happy with the smell and he wanted to know who that smell belonged to.

If only Sebestian know the source of the smell, his inner Alpha want him to find out about the person, who smell so good.

But the main question is how? Sebestian definitely knew no one of his subordinates was hi

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