Seth drove them back to the main mansion, Sebestian main house. As they were driving through the little town Sebestian Alpha instinct perked up again. That smell! It was here again. Sebestian eyes darted around out the window of the car and tried to look for the person with that amazing smell. The only thing he could see was the park and a lot of people out playing. Who was it? He almost ordered Seth to stop the car but they were driving too fast, he had his window rolled down to keep smelling that apple cinnamon smell he would most definitely get addicted to. His mind was still lingering on that scent as they drove up the long driveway with the tall trees on each side the big white mansion appeared before them. It was closed off and could not be seen from the village and no one would come here and no one knew that a mansion like this was in the woods. that’s why he loved this place, and the reason they moved here with the gang. It was easier to operate from here and no one wo

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