Sebestian had Adom in his car so fast his head spun, or was it because he couldn’t breathe. He was gasping for air as Sebestian went around the car and got into the driver's side before speeding of to god knows where. Adom didn’t care where they went right now if only he could be basked in Sebestian scent for the rest of the night. He had never felt something like this and it made his omega go crazy. Sebestian scent was so intoxicating he trembled in the passenger seat as Sebestian had one hand tightly wrapped around his thigh. He wanted his touch and every time Sebestian took his hand away to switch gears he would whimpers and Sebestian would put his hand back as soon as possible. This all felt scary, Adom was darting his eyes from Sebestian to his lap as he fumbled with his fingers. His hard member straining against his zipper. The drive was done in silence but he didn’t mind. The silence felt good and he couldn’t wait to be wrapped in these arms again. Thi

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