Chapter 4


“What the hell happened?” Mom asked wide eyed, Kiara was sitting on the hospital bed in our infirmary, getting her shoulder stitched, the nurse took the bullet out of her shoulder before stitching, the bullet sadly hit her shoulder bone.


The black jeep has been following us for almost an hour now, and I was getting angry.

“Nikolay? What the bloody hell are you doing?” Kiara asked me when she saw that I was no longer driving forward, having shifted the gear to reverse, I was now heading back toward the bastard.

“Keep your belt on, and when I get out of the car, you’re not coming with me” I said looking at Kiara before hitting the jeep, the man’s eyes widened in surprise and I smirked.

“You can only dream Nikolay, you don’t know how many men are around with him” Kiara said after recovering from the shock of the impact, I glared at her, but she paid me no attention as I opened the door and she opened hers. Knowing that there was no way I was stopping her, and I was thankful that I didn’t when I saw that two motorcycles had drove to our direction and stopped in front of us.

Looking at Kiara, she nodded at me and faced the four men who had jumped off the bikes, and the man who was recovering inside the car, I nodded at her and the two men took out their guns, Kiara let out a sarcastic laugh before bending down and kicking the man’s leg taking him by surprise causing him to fall. I hit another man with my head breaking his nose. His eyes widened and he bled, holding his nose for dear life as he fell backwards trying to process what was happening.

I looked at the third man and smirked breaking his hand making him scream out in pain as Kiara kicked the abdomen of the fourth man, it took minutes to end everything, minutes to have all four men disoriented, I grabbed one of the men’s collar, the man who I had broken his nose, and raised him to look at me, his eyes widened and he tried pulling back away from me, but my grip was tight “who sent you?”

“NIKOLAY!” I heard Kiara yell before she rushed to my side, taking out her gun and two shots were made, my eyes widened when I saw that the man who was inside the car was now on the floor, clutching his chest as a bullet had hit him, however, what shocked and frightened me was the sight of Kiara’s shirt having blood, getting distracted from the man with a broken nose, he fell to his knees before getting up to run away as I rushed to my wife’s side “Nik, I’m fine, go and get the bastard before he runs”


“NOW NIKOLAY!” She yelled holding her shoulder, ignoring the pain of having her skin torn, I looked at her, then back at the man who was running, due to having his nose broken, he was a bit dizzy and was having trouble getting his footing straight, I easily caught him and had him pinned down on the ground. Punching his face, knocking him out.

I lifted the man over my shoulder and threw him in the car, seeing that Kiara had shot the three living men, one bullet in the head had all the men on the ground by their friend who was in the jeep. I raised an eyebrow at my wife, momentarily forgetting that she was shot as she took her phone out with her left hand, her right shoulder was injured, she dialed a number.

“Jeremy, we need you on main street, we shot four men, the mess has to be cleared before people start see it” Kiara said calmly “alright, I’ll send you the location”

End of Flashback.

“Kiara, you could have been killed” mom said looking at Kiara who wasn’t feeling her arm, the nurse having put an anesthetic on it before starting the procedure, the man was inside the basement of the house, I was thankful that I had bought this place six months ago, having fixed it to be suitable for our needs as the Estate was. Now Kiara could come without worrying about her.

“I knew where I was getting shot Mia, but the shot would might have killed Nikolay, I wasn’t going to allow that darling” Kiara said looking at mom who shook her head, I sat by her side and carefully wrapped my arm around her, kissing her temple before she laid her head on my shoulder.

“She should rest and try not to move her shoulder for a while boss, we got the bullet out, her shoulder’s bone was fractured due to the bullet hitting it, she must leave it to heal” the nurse said looking at me, I nodded and kissed my wife’s temple waiting for the nurse to continue what she was going to say, she was following our doctor’s orders who had already checked on Kiara “the doctor has prescribed her medication for her, painkillers too, she’ll need them to heal”

Nodding, I dismissed the nurse, looking at her as she walked toward the door, I looked at my wife and sighed, mom was still standing by our side, Dimitri didn’t say a word as he sat on the couch, looking at Kiara and I “you know Mia, you have asked why Kiara had done what she did, but you too would have done the same thing if I were in the same situation”

“I would have done the same thing yes, but that doesn’t mean that I want any of the two dying” mom said looking at Dimitri, well, glaring at Dimitri, I chuckled shaking my head at the two. Mom would give her life for Dimitri, I knew that, and so would he, the love he had for her was endless, and I could swear that I saw it growing every day.

“Sure Mia, whatever you say” Dimitri said shaking his head at her, Kiara let out a low laugh as she looked at me, I smiled and leaned in to kiss her lips softly, my arms still wrapped around her, though I was sure to keep touch and grasp gentle on her as not to hurt her shoulder “okay, careful you two, the nurse just said not to pressure your shoulder”

I smiled into the kiss and bit Kiara’s bottom lip stubbornly keeping her close to me, Kiara laughed as I kissed her and tried pulling away, but I pulled her closer, kissing her one last time before pulling away and resting my forehead against hers.

“Okay, if we stay here we’ll end up having a show which I don’t think me or your mom would want to see” Dimitri said making me chuckle, I got up and hugged mom, kissing her forehead, I nodded at Dimitri and he smiled. I watched as they walked out before closing the door, turning to face my wife and raising an eyebrow at her.

“Are you okay baby girl?” I asked softly, my tone changing, she hasn’t been speaking of her pain, controlling herself as the doctor performed her surgery, I knew that despite the painkiller, she could still feel the pain of the bullet coming out of her bone, the cut had been deep, and I wanted her to sleep through it, however, Kiara being as stubborn as she was, she refused to be put to sleep, claiming that the nurse would be done ‘quickly’ and that she didn’t want to be asleep when she finished. The nurse took two hours to get the bullet out.

“I’m fine Nikolay, it was a simple bullet” Kiara said softly, I rolled my eyes at her and she smiled knowing my concern, I chuckled and sat beside her, wrapping my arms around her body, careful not to touch or move her shoulder, I slowly pulled her closer to me.

“Do you want to sleep here or do you want to go to our room?” I asked gently, I knew that it would be a better option for her to be sleeping here, but I also knew that she hated being in the infirmary. Having gotten sick once a few months ago, she was supposed to be in the infirmary for the night, she wouldn’t close her eyes the entire night, despite her ill state, forcing me to let her go back to our room for her to sleep, staying up by her side and bringing the nurses to make sure that she was okay through it.

“You know that I wouldn’t want to sleep here Nikolay” Kiara said rolling her eyes, I chuckled and nodded already expecting her answer. Getting up from beside her, I walked to the door and opened it before walking toward Kiara and lifting her in my arms making her squeal, one of my arms was under her knees and the other on her back, carrying her as a bride, her left arm wrapped around my neck while her right arm stayed on her stomach, she couldn’t move it if she wanted to anyway.

“Boss?” The nurse asked wide eyed.

“Make the preparations of anything my wife needs in our bedroom”

My order was quick and simple the nurse froze for a second before nodding, knowing to follow her orders if she wanted to keep her job, especially when it came to my wife, I walked both Kiara and I up to our room.

“You know, you could have said please” Kiara said after a minute of silence.

“Don’t tempt me Kia, the nurse is right to want to keep you in the infirmary” I said entering the room, thankfully, Maddie had kept the bedroom door open “you won’t be getting out of this bed”

“What if I need to go to the bathroom?” Kiara sassed making me raise an eyebrow.

“You really are testing your luck, aren’t you?” I asked putting Kiara on the bed, she laughed and I rolled my eyes as I walked to the closet to get her something to wear, her shirt was torn as the bastard had shot her, it was also covered in blood, therefore, the nurses made her change into a hospital gown as they got rid of the shirt.

“Can I wear one of your shirts?” Kiara asked looking at me, I smiled and brought out the black shirt I initially wanted to give her, walking toward her and sitting on the edge of the bed beside her, softly cupping her cheek.

“You know that you don’t need to ask beauty” I said softly, in truth, I loved her wearing my clothes, she slept in them on an almost regular, well, that is of course if she manages to reach something to wear, usually we’d end up sleeping naked, draining her of her energy, she just prefers to go to sleep by the end of everything, not caring less about any clothes.

I helped her take the night gown off before slowly putting the shirt on, thankful that it was a little too big for her, she easily managed to slip her hand without making much efforts in moving her hand to put it through the arm holes.

She slowly laid down on her back, keeping her eyes on mine as I laid down beside her, not willing to sleep, I had a man to deal with down in the basement. I just wanted to make sure that my beauty was fine and safe.

“I’ll give you a sleeping pill for now baby, you need to try and get some sleep” I said gently, the doctor had prescribed it when she was going through the operation.

“What about you?” Kiara asked looking at me, her eyes gentle.

“I’ve got a few things to deal with baby, I’ll see you in the morning though” I whispered softly, Kiara raised an eyebrow but understood what I was talking about, nodding and not pressing on the subject.

“I love you” she said softly, I smiled and got up to get her pills and a glass of water from the table, the nurse having given everything to Maddie. Which was why the bedroom door was initially open, I gave Kiara two pills and the glass of water to drink before sitting by her side and playing with her hair.

“I love you too baby”

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