Chapter 11


“Bloody hell… Nikolay!” I shrieked coming undone under my husband who shuddered on top of me, riding himself and I through out climax.

His body collapsed on top of mine, though I could tell that he was careful not to hurt my shoulder, his head laying on my chest as he breathed hard, catching his own breath trying to normalize it before he pulled out of me and laid down beside me, softly pulling me to his chest.

I cuddled into Nikolay’s arms, feeling my eyes get heavy, Nikolay’s body already relaxing as he closed his eyes. The man hadn’t slept for a while and I knew that he planned on going out to the club, but he called Vladimir to tell him that they would let that be tomorrow. I was glad that he did, he needed the rest, having stayed awake last night, then today as the case of my ‘brother’ rose.

“Did you sleep baby girl?” Nikolay asked, knowing that I wasn’t asleep. He knew that I

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