Chapter 13


“Nikolay!” I laughed as my husband tickled me before he left the bedroom to go to work. We had our breakfast down with the family before Nikolay decided to want to talk to me for a while before he went down for work. Turns out him ‘talking’ was basically him wanting to cuddle for a bit, his hand holding my stomach as if he was cradling our growing baby.

“Yes baby?” Nikolay teased hovering my body as he looked me in the eye. His once neat hair was now a mess from me running my fingers through it, his jacket was on the edge of the bed, while his sleeves were rolled up and the first three buttons of his shirt were open. His arm wrapped around me as I arched my back for him to be able to do so. My body relaxed in his embrace as it always did, a sense of comfort ran through my veins as I knew that I was beside my husband, in his arms.

“You’re tickling me Nik” I laughed and he chuckled before laying his head

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