Chapter Twenty-three

They walked on as the sun rose, with little conversation, but the silence was as welcome as it was comfortable. Hannah took in her feel of nature, and God's green earth. it had been a while since she was out like this, and it surprised her, just how much she had missed it, all of it.. So much had changed since a time like this. She never thought of what finding answers would mean, but now that they had them she still didn't know for sure what the future held, but she wasn't the same. Nothing would ever be. How could it be?

"Do you want to rest?" She looked up at him, doing her best to keep stride with him. He still had long legs, that much was actually the same.

"No, not yet. But soon I suppose, so we can break our fast. Martha packed us some food." He nodded and they kept walking. They walked a little while, stopping once to sit a while and break their fast

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