Chapter Twenty-four

They woke up on a start, and Jasper quickly Drew her shaking form to him.

"You were so brave." He whispered into her hair, which was short, as it should have been. “ So brave, my love.”

"He t-t-threatened you." she was trembling and her teeth chattered from both cold and fear rolled into one big heavy ball on her chest. He placed his fingers on her chin and gently lifted up her face, she was pale with fear and his blood hummed with barely restrained anger. Someone would pay for this. The Athanatoi, who claimed to be her grandfather, would pay for this. He brewed with his anger and yet still, the arms that held her were as gentle as they were firm. Strong, safe, she thought. Thank God, her Jasper was strong and safe… And with her.

"I'll kill him, Jasper, I'll kill him before he hurts you."

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