Chapter Twenty-Nine

It was night time when Hannah looked out the window of her bed Chambers. It had been a long day. She had turned to leave the throne room, when her father had bid Jasper to wait. She didn't want to leave then, but had done so with great reluctance after Jasper had nodded at her, which she took for an 'it's okay." But it wasn't okay, not to her. She had no idea why king Asher would want to talk to Jasper, or what he had in mind to speak to him about. It caused her great anxiety . She had inquired of his whereabouts from one of her ladies but they gave her no answers and curious looks to which she rolled her eyes internally.

She could just go to the king himself, but that required courage. Because Jasper was right, she thought of him more of a king than her father, and a king in all he was, demanded respect just for being a king. Just once, she wished, closing eyes, just once again, he would be 'papa.'

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