Chapter Thirty

"two more have joined her. I think one of them is a man fairy, he's wearing pants."

"Or maybe she's a princess on an adventure who is wearing pants as a disguise." Jasper chuckled and she smiled, she enjoyed making him laugh. They were lying down now, watching the stars aligned high up in God's majestic heavens.

"It's crazy. Being able to see tiny flying human-like creatures." He said,

"With wings."

"With wings."  He concurred, She scooted closer to him and put an arm across his midsection. He ran an his hand down her hair and watched the three sprites flying above them. He could see them, and he watched them, but he wondered if they could see both him and Hannah, or if they could choose to stay oblivious to them, oblivious to the part -fairy in their midst who coul

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