Chapter Eight

Panic gripped at her and made her knees weak, but she managed to stay on her feet, although she no longer felt steady.

 She darted her gaze from left to right and looked, and turned around on the spot where she stood, before finally looking back to where he had laid several minutes ago, and that was when she noticed that both his sword and it's scabbard were gone too. 

But Where could he have gotten to? She wondered.

"Japser!" Her voice caught on the pronounciation of his name as she turned once more on her heels looking for signs of him or what could have happened. She walked to the rock where she had left him and was overcome by another wave of panic.

"Jasper!" she called out, this time louder than the first. She heard the sound of water and took slow unsteady steps toward the stream and she could have sworn her heart sighed in relief.

But her relief was soon washed away with anger. 


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