Chapter Fifteen

He managed to get all three of the glasses to the table, and laid them out before them without much casualty. At least if one didn't add the water he spilled from time to time, you could say he did a grand job. He could have just carried them in a tray, he realised, albeit all too late.

"You must return to the castle with me." He heard Hannah say firmly, when he tuned in his focus to their conversation.

"I will, soon enough. But not with the both of you. Not just yet." she smiled, urging the girl to understand.

"But soon. I’m taking my stand on that." Hannah said, leaving no room for argument. He smiled, she could befierce when it came to what she wanted. He knew that first hand.

"Soon." The elderly woman said, and he heard the smile in her voice. She went back to

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