"Do you know what you're doing?" Hannah asked as she watched Jasper slice a cauliflower. He spared her a glance and smiled smugly .

"Well, milady, you should know that i’ve been cooking since I was eight." She raised a brow at him, completely amused. But she had to hand it to him, he sliced like he knew what he was doing, at the very least.

"That's so, and who taught you, if I may ask?" she reached out for a slice of tomato and bit into it.

"Well, my Mama did. She reasoned that if I ever fell in love with a woman who couldn't cook, we both wouldn't starve." He winked at her and she nearly had a laughing fit, successfully resisting when she remembered Martha was upstairs resting.

“ Is your mother a seer or something?" She asked teasingly and he chuckled.

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