Mated meeting again


(Accept me my mate)


THEME: Mates meeting again


     ( Avery’s Point of View)


The sun was shinning brightly in the blue skies. My wolf was raging inside, begging to be let out. We haven't ran in the woods in a while now, so I decided to give her a chance today. I really missed hunting games with James.

"Let's have some fun princess," I muttered as I stopped in track right in front of a big tree. I came out of my clothes and hid them safely behind the tree.

I shape-shifted into my wolf form, white fur replaced my delicate skin, my fingers changed to long claws and fangs replaced what had been a perfect dentition. I growled loudly into the sky before getting my limbs into full action. And that made my wolf happier. She liked to be in total control.

I didn't know what the time was, but the sun was already kissing the earth goodbye when my wolf stopped running. I knew we ran for hours, wandering around our territory. She uttered a low guttural sound signifying that she needed to quench the thirst in her burning throat.

My wolf glanced around and sighted a brook beyond. She rushed towards the body of running water which was smaller than a river and she let herself drink enough. She growled in satisfaction before sprawling out on the ground in exhaustion.

Suddenly she heard another growl which was pretty close by. She snapped her head up abruptly and her ears perked when it came again. She hummed in excitement.

"What's going on?" I asked.

"He's here," she replied happily.

"Who?" I questioned.

She tilted her head towards the opposite direction and I found another wolf staring at me. I recognized him immediately when I saw the blue-green eyed wolf . Oh no, he can't be here! How did he find me? Was my mate someone from our territory? Oh dear Goddess, what do I do?

I sensed him making a bond connection with my wolf but I stopped it. I tried to move my wolf but she wanted to stay.

"What are you doing?" I snapped at her.

"I'm not moving," she gritted.

"What? Move now princess!" I shouted.

He growled in frustration seeing that I had stopped whatever connection it was trying to make. My wolf looked straight into his eyes and our gaze locked.

"Our mate is here," she said in excitement.

"Don't accept him!" I barked. And he started towards me. "Shit! Shit! We have to get out of here, right now!" I snarled at my wolf.

She let out a low guttural sound in frustration before she started backwards, turned around and fled into the woods.

"Good girl," I said.

"That's not fair," she said soberly. I knew it was wrong to run away from my mate.

A protracted mournful loud cry stopped my wolf in her tracks. "And now he's sad," my wolf hummed in sadness.

I heard my mate howling into the evening skies. And I became sad too as I listened to his prolonged cry. He must be really sad that I had ran away from him.

"Should we head back to him?" my wolf asked.

"I don't want a mate!" I exclaimed, making my wolf sad again.

She continued running at a fast speed until we finally reached the tree I had left my clothes. It was getting late and dad must be really worried about me because I didn't inform anyone that I was coming out into the woods.

I shape-shifted into my human form and hid my naked body behind the tree. I put on my clothes and turned to head back to the Pack House.

"How long would you continue running from me?" a voice growled angrily behind me. I turned abruptly and found my mate right in front of me. He followed me!

"I... I..." I paused, not knowing what to say to him. He was standing there with nothing but a pair of jeans on. Instantly my body began to heat up at the sight of his naked upper body. His hair was really messy, his lips... oh dear Goddess! Are those dusty pink Lips that you want to kiss all day. And let's not forget the tattoos that were scattered across his thick arms and his eight packs were well-defined and built.

My mate strode towards me, his deep blue-green eyes locked my dark ones as he stopped in front of me. My body temperature was rising even higher as he was close to me. I had to stop myself from drooling over my handsome mate. So I moved backwards.

"Don't you dare try to run again," he growled angrily. And I canceled my plans of running away from him again. I can't keep running like a coward because I don't want him.

"Who are you?" I asked.

"I am your mate! I'm sure you know that already," he snapped.

"No," I lied.

He gave me a confused look.

"No? You don't know I'm your mate?" he said in a low tone. I stifled back a laugh. Of course I know you're my mate, but I just want to act like I don't know!

"I don't know," I muttered.

He frowned. "But I just made a connection with your wolf and it responded," he said.

My eyes widened in shock. Damn it, my wolf had betrayed me earlier. She accepted his wolf connection.

"You know," he blurted out. Fuck, now he knows I'm his mate. No, no, I don't want a fucking mate! Not now, not anytime soon.

"Are you from this pack?" I moved away from him.

"No," he replied.

I looked at him. "That's trespassing." I glared at him. "Our territory has been marked which means as a werewolf from another pack, you can't come into my territory!" I shouted. A deep frown creased his forehead.

"Did you forget such rule existed before you crossed my territory earlier?" he asked.

I raised my eyebrows. "I didn't cross your territory."

"You did. You crossed my territory and I crossed yours too. So we are even," he said looking a bit annoyed.

Did I really cross his territory? Oh, the brook! I didn't know my wolf had straggled into another territory.

"Also don't try to deny the fact that you don't know that I'm your mate. You sensed my scent at the club," he spat out.

"I—" He cut me off.

"You ran away!" he accused.

I shouldn't be having this discussion with him. It was sickening for me to find out that my mate is not from my Pack. I don't even know him! And seriously? I'm not interested in knowing him.

"You're on Moonlight Territory, so you better leave before the Alpha finds you," I said finally before turning to leave. But he grabbed my wrist and swirled me to face him again.

"Fuck it, you're mine Avery!" he growled angrily. I gasped in shock. He knows my name! How come he knows my name?

"Who are you?" I struggled to free myself.

"I am your mate!" He pulled me to his body and collided his lips on mine. I tried to push him but he tightened his grip on me. His lips moved over mine gently but I didn't kiss him back. I don't want him, I don't want a mate!

He released me the moment he realized that I wasn't interested in kissing him back and I wanted to be away from him. I pulled away quickly as if he had burned me. My heart constricted with pain when I felt my wolf sadness.

I had just rejected my mate and he knew it too. My chest tightened on seeing his hurt expression. My mate was hurt by my denial.

I almost leaned forward to kiss him but I stopped myself. I couldn't. I don't want a mate yet.

"I'm not going to give up on you. Avery Lance, you'll accept me as your mate," he blurted out before turning to leave at a close run. I sensed the sorrow in his tone. He was hurt by my rejection.

Mates ought to share a kiss at first meeting. It was sign of acceptance by both parties. But I don't want to accept my mate.

I felt tears rushing in my eyes. I can't accept him! I have a lot to do and accepting him would disrupt my well-constructed plans for the future.


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