Vladimir’s POV

I woke up. I saw myself, lying on the ground, dead. After a minute, my eyes opened. It was only when I found myself in our old house that I realized I am dreaming. I am standing inside my dream, or maybe it wasn’t a dream, it was my memories.

From our house, I suddenly went to the streets. I found myself standing on the crossroads going home. I noticed the woman walking behind me. She was wearing an ocean blue dress, the same dress I gave to - she’s Cassy. Cassandra, with brown long hair.

They were walking towards me, no, they couldn’t see me. I am seeing my memories. Am I already dead? I tried to remember what happened. Is this what it looks like to be dead?

Cassy, ​​it’s Cassandra but there was something new about her. She was glowing, the blue light was shining around her. She was wearing a mini glass hour on her neck.

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