Chapter Five

Somehow drunken Marco has managed to get Mariana safe to bed, all the comments he kept throwing her way there was only one that was stuck in her mind making her smile before going went back to bed

"Happy Valentine's day beautiful " he had whispered while walking out of the room leaving her to stare his way with surprise, a simple smile finding it's way on her lips.

It was somewhere in November and he was drunkenly wishing her a happy Valentine , she was now yearning to know his name.

He had helped her and then got her a place to leave, he may act cold but deep inside him laid a good heart.

Mariana drifted back to sleep, to think of it seriously it had been a long night.


Marco groaned as he got out of bed, his head hurt like a bitch but how could he blame it when it was all his fault. Drinking was starting to become a habit, he was starting to stupidly rely on it.

He hit the shower wondering whether Stephanie had arrived yet, she was used to spending most of every day at his house since Larissa wasn't back in town.

Stepping out of the shower he walked into his wardrobe, putting on an Armani suit and doing his watch he stepped out.

He hated spending most of his days at the hotel but with everything going on, Gianni needed him by his side more than anything.

He grabbed two guns from his bedside safe and then walked out of his room, looking inside Mariana's room only to find it empty. A scowl took over his face as he walked inside his eyes roaming around "Mariana "

He called out but there was no reply, rethinking he then decided to head down stairs. His strides fast and long as he worried, the girl didn't really speak what if something bad happened and she screamed but couldn't be heard.

Or was he just over reacting?

He came to a halt in front of the stair case catching sight of her. She was seated on the couch in his shirt only, Marco wondered how many of his shirts she had used ever since the day she had agreed to come along with him but how could he deny that they looked good on her and a little fitting but too long.

She looked up her eyes locking with his, the force he felt pulling him towards her through those eyes was far too strong for him to understand. A simple smile took over her lips.

She was dangerous, very dangerous for him.

Her face simple and beautiful but something else didn't click. He knew he had seen her some where before but where??

How is she involved in the world that revolves around him.

He descended the stairs quietly, staring at her as she looked back down at the note book in her hand.

"Gift " he whispered moving over to where she was, he sat down besides her feeling her eyes on him and only him.

She wrote down something and showed it to him

' good morning ValentinaHis eyes went a bit wide looking up at her, she managed to notice his confusion and showed it to him once more

' I will always call you Valentina because you wished me a happy Valentines last night instead of good night

"Don't call me that " He replied coldly and she shook her head. Marco felt the urge to smile but stopped himself, she may be silent but this girl was something.

His heart beat had changed unnecessarily due to there closeness, nothing could be said. Both really didn't know what to say, Marco wanted to ask her about her past life maybe he could remember where he say her from but how?

Mariana was also curious about the girl she saw in the photos last night but was afraid to pry in his life, catching her off guard he placed a gun on her laps earning her eyes on him.

"You will go with Stephanie to do some shopping, keep the gun with you at any cost " he said with much authority, it really sounded more like an order.

Mariana grabbed the gun in her hand bringing it close to her face, her fingers lightly moved over the surface. She removed the magazine in a blink  catching him by surprise before putting it back and smiling up at him.

Her actions showed she knew how to use a gun now that's something he didn't expect.

He thought he would spend more time with her teaching her more.

Now he was so sure that he had ever seen her some where before but where and who was she exactly??

' thank you '

He nodded before standing " stay alive " he whispered heading out of the house, it was time to face work for a day leaving her to her thoughts.

She unassembled the gun thinking about her past life, she had grown up in this kind of life being her father's best sharpshooter though all that stopped when she was sold to Valente Russo.

It seemed this man participated in the same business as Valente, she wondered if he also practiced human trafficking but didn't give it much thought as a girl walked through the doors.

Mariana stared at her, beautiful blonde hair and blue hazel eyes. Some how she found herself feeling ugly and wanting to hide in shame due to this girl's beauty.

"You can call me Stephanie, sister to the three stupid Di Martinos" . Mariana's eyes widened in surprise, her heart skipping a bit as she froze.

"Where is Marco Di Martino, um I mean the idiot your staying with?" Fuck she was staying with Gaetano's right hand man, her palms had started to sweat in fear and nervousness as she wiped them on the cloth she was wearing.

How could she have not known or notice, she had stupidly found peace in the Enemies empire.

She knew now that she had to get out of this place sooner, if these people get to know that she is Valente Russo's wife then they would never spare her life not even for a second.

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