Chapter Six

Marco leaned back against his car, his impatience and frustration slowly sipping in slowly. He felt the urge to walk inside that police station and find out what exactly was going, he wondered where Dominic really was to erase this mess.

Marco's phone vibrated within his hand gaining most of his attention, he took the call on the second ring.

"Davin "

"Sir this new girl that.." Davin tried to explain knowing one wrong word he would be dead.

"Why the hell is your voice shaky, and what the fuck is going on ?" Marco roared

"This new girl has Stephanie on gun point " Marco cursed silently hanging up as Andrea and Gianni walked out of the building staring at him weirdly.

"Get your  fucking asses in the car, we have some where to be "


Mariana stared at herself  in the mirror above the sink, she had escorted Stephanie in the ladies room but to think of it, this was her way to get out of here or lose her life.

Mariana grabbed Stephanie's purse in her hand and unzipped it, she searched through fast while slowly watching the cabin where Stephanie was and luckily managed to get what she wanted.

Smiling slowly, Mariana uncapped the smoky red lip stick staring at it for a minute before writing some words down on the mirror.

' Am so sorry Stephanie but all I need are the car keys, I won't promise not to hurt you '

Stephanie walked out of the cabin just as Mariana placed the lipstick back, her eyes wide as they landed on the Mirror before moving back to Mariana who was holding out a gun to her face.

"Mariana don't " she whispered to the girl who was taking confident steps towards her.

Within a blink of an eye Mariana held Stephanie pushing her to the front and out of the door, dropping the gun away from her head to her waist in order not attract much attention.

Stephanie tried to act calm as they reached where her brother's men stood staring at the two, she wished Mariana could talk maybe she could get a reason and answers too as why she was doing this.

"Davin give me the car keys " Stephanie demanded holding out her hand towards the well built man,

"But ma'am"

"Davin please give me the damn keys"

Mariana watched as Davin frowned, and now she knew that this guy wasn't going to give in, with much hesitation she held the gun back on Stephanie's head earning a few screams from the people around who ran in the different directions.

Mariana undid the safety of the gun watching as Davin's eyes widened "the keys" Stephanie spoke up in a shaky voice holding out her hand once more, Davin hesitated a bit before pulling the keys out of his slack pockets handing them to Stephanie who forwarded them to Mariana.

Grabbing Stephanie by the arm and pushing her forward that she stumbled almost falling on her face but Mariana was still holding her as they walked out of the mall to the parking lot most of Marco's men following behind not even able to notice Davin on the call.

Her eyes searched for the car they had  used while coming until she saw it, a smile forming on her lips.

She pushed Stephanie a side and ran towards it holding her guns to them.

Mariana knew that these men won't spare a chance to put a bullet through her head, she didn't want to hurt any one for God's sake but damn she won't have any trouble to shoot if they do it first.

She managed to pull the door open thanks to the stupid driver that left it open, and got in. Just as she ignited the engine Davin pulled out his gun to shot at the tyres but she was fast and hit his shoulder with a bullet that earned screams from people hiding in the parking lot.

Mariana reversed the car out of the parking lot into the road abruptly causing Marco to hit the brakes so hard, her blue eyes met with honey cold eyes through the front glass of his car.

She got on the right side of the road and drove off by multiple cars at the highest speed, looking through the rear view mirrors she noticed Marco's car on her heel and sighed of course he wouldn't let her go like that what was she even thinking?

She reached the highway and stepped on the gas, two cars after her. She noticed the guns and ducked as bullets started to fly her way, before she knew it the two back tyres had been shot, a scream erupted from deep within her throat as she lost control of the car causing it to overturn.

Marco got out of the car running towards the over turned black SUV, he came to halt kneeling on the floor by the driver's side.

Mariana blinked several times opening her eyes fully though every where kept spinning wildly

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