Chapter Eight

"Davin,  untie her " Marco ordered his man who had also walked into the room with a bandaged shoulder,

"But boss she.. "

"Are you questioning me Davin ?"

"No boss "

"Then good " with that Marco strode out of the room not even bothering to look back.

Mariana felt her self sigh out of relief, after all Marco Di Martino wasn't going to kill her anymore and for the job she had been denied those skills since she was sixteen how was she going to pull that off.

A loud growl pulled her out of her thoughts, she looked up at Davin.

A man who was well built and big enough to scare all the day lights out of her, he had black messy hair and green - grey eyes that held nothing but coldness whilst his red plump lips.

The men here knew exactly what they call beauty without a try, Mariana couldn't help but notice the angry scowl on his face.

Mariana smiled not so surely hoping he would let go of that anger, she never meant to shoot him

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