Chapter Nine

Mariana sat by the window silently staring outside, the rain kept hitting on the glass it's rhythm soothing to her ears.

Beryl had covered her thoughts, all she could see was daughter.

Stephanie had come up a while ago asking her to come down and have dinner with them but she seemed to had lost all her appetite within a snap.

Mariana had unknowingly gone back to pushing herself away from people without realising it, Her thoughts, her past and her pain had become the centre of her world once more.

Marco walked in to her room and she didn't even notice, he leaned by the door and stared at her. His thoughts moved back to the first day he had walked into this room after she had arrived, the way she had pushed him away still hurt a bit.

A lone tear escaped down her cheeks but there was no way she would notice, there was no day or night her eyes weren't empty even when she was trying to run away.

Yet they were the best beautiful thing he had ever

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