Chapter Ten

Davin was walking by Mariana's room towards the basement but suddenly he came to a stop, curiosity enticing his nerves.

He seriously hated this girl with so much passion yet found himself wanting to see what she really was up to.

He looked inside, more careful so he won't be noticed only to find the room empty, even the bed where she should be at this time.

Turning his direction he walked in to her room slowly, the only window in here was closed so she certainly hadn't escaped but where was she if not in here at 2: 47 in the morning.

Prying his eyes away from his wrist watch and looking around once more the light from the bathroom caught his attention "Mariana " he called out but he still got only silence.

Pushing the bathroom door open slowly, he froze his eyes wide as he stared at the girl on the floor. He moved towards her kneeling besides her, he didn't care if she was laying in a pool of her own

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