Chapter Thirty Four

Mariana stood still her thoughts moving back to Marco.

Her heart started to hurt deeply for him but then it was all her fault.

The cobra's don't work without Valente's orders or hers but now she wasn't around.

That meant Valente knew where she was already and knew about her and Marco, if not then why would he attack Di Martino brothers.

How could she had skipped the signs yet they were always in front of her.

She stared at pair of eyes all focused on her, she wasn't ready to let these good people who helped her get hurt.

She turned towards the bed side table and knelt besides it, she pulled the first safe open and searched through the mass of papers.

She had seen Marco keep two to three guns in these safes, all she needed was one.

Opening the other safe, she saw two guns and pulled them out. She checked them properly and good enough they were all loaded.

She walked back into the wardrobe and grabbed a pair of flats from

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