Chapter Thirty Five

" Don't you think you have done enough, you're the one that attacked us at the hospital that day. You blew up Marco's house and then ordered for his assassination.

In all you forgot one thing, I know all the faces of the cobras. I grew up with them and I know all there tactics, just because I had lost my voice doesn't make me stupid "

She turned towards the cobras that stood behind Gaetano and Gianni with raised guns

" lower your damn guns cobras and untie every single person in this building, let them free " she ordered and Valente's eyes widened.

"Don't you dare " Valente roared and Mariana shook her head.

"Your forgetting again Valente, I rule but you are just a husband. You only rule when am not around.

Do as I say Cobras " she spoke up and her men did as she said.

Letting lose Gaetano strode to where she sat " Mariana " he called and she shook her head.

"Please take Marco to the hospital " she whispered staring down at the

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