Chapter Thirty Six

Mariana turned away from Valente towards the car window she slowly put the tips of her hand in her dress and pulled out the gun carefully.

She stared at it before turning towards Valente and raised it at him realising it's safety " Stop the car Valente " She spoke up with confidence.

He sighed staring at the front " come on honey we both know you can't..." His words were cut short when she shot his side of the window making him stop the car abruptly as the bullet passed in front of his eyes.

She opened the car door and stepped out as he followed out, she didn't want to go back with him.

Mariana raised her gun again earning a few screams from the people around as the cars that were on their trail stopped around them.

She slowly moved to his side as he closed the car door, this was it the time to end all of this.

She looked at Valente and remembered her daughter's smile, Mar

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