Chapter Thirty Seven

"What the hell are you doing here ?" A familiar voice yelled at her pulling her out of her thoughts.

Mariana wiped her tears and turned towards an angry Rosalie who stood a few inches away from her.

Mariana wiped her tears away and looked back at Marco for a few minutes " don't worry am leaving " she whispered.

She turned away and faced his family again, Stephanie and Adriana sat in the far corner looking up at her.

Rosalie couldn't hold her anger, Mariana wondered where the others had gone but that wasn't something she would mind now.

Even though it hurt, she understood there anger. How could she forget that it was all her fault.

"Am so sorry this happened, it's all my fault " Mariana whispered looking back at Marco.

"I hope you forgive me one day for putting you in to such a condition, I love you " she whispered to him and wiped another tear.

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