Chapter Thirty Eight

Seven months later


10 : 48 pm

Mariana looked around her studio and sighed, her eyes moved back to Marco's painting she had just completed.

Those brown - gold eyes that held her world, she really missed him.

It had been long since she had last seen him and he was in coma by then.

She had remained in contact with Gaetano all this time, he kept informing her of his well being.

Marco had spent four months in coma and woke up three months ago, even though he kept asking for her she didn't go.

She had settled in Miami and created under ground training centers for body guards and assassins, she had bought a house here though it felt empty being here alone but it had become home.

Mariana slowly held on to the wall pulling her self up on her feet and breathed out. Her back and shoulders now seriously hurt.

She looked up at the wall clock and realised she had spent all her morning hours seated here staring at Marco's po

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