Chapter Thirty Nine

Marco leaned against the wall and stared at Gaetano who held a firm expression as he hit the punching bag as if wanting it to bleed and beg for his mercy.

"You must be joking with me bro" he growled in anger while glaring at Marco as he held the punching bag to a stop.

Marco shook his head and moved forward grabbing a bottle of water, he screwed the cap and dawned all it's contents in one go.

"Is there another way to convince you ?" Geatano questioned as he moved forward taking a seat on the bench.

"No, I am serious about this Gaetano but I will always be around when you need me " Marco replied seating on the bench across him.

"Does Gianni know ?" Gaetano questioned grabbing his phone as Gianni joined them from the treadmill.

"To know what?" He questioned sitting down next to Marco.

"I am retiring from the mafia world, time to do some clean business " Marco replied and Gianni stared at him.

"Well we can't convince you to stay,

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