Chapter Forty

Mariana walked in to the grocery store, she can't believe that this late night she's out looking for green apples in her big pajamas.

The things she would do for her babies, walking around she reached the right section and smiled.

Mariana grabbed as many apples as she can, just seeing them made her mouth watery.

She slowly made way towards the cashier, placing everything in front of a tired looking girl who looked up at her.

Mariana reached for her wallet to pay but another person beat her to it as he paid. Her eyes widened and she looked up to understand what was going on but then froze.

Her heart accelerated in her chest and her eyes widened, her lips trembled and suddenly she burst in to tears.

It was too much for her as her body shook with violent sobs, seeing him after seven months seemed too real to be reality.

"Hey, I never meant to make you cry " M

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