Embrace my night: Chapter 9

Sammy opens her eyes slowly warm tears still streaming down her face her aching heart long for the missing part of her that she had forgotten. She searches deeply within herself but she can’t seem to find the image of him. Instinctively, deeply she just realize that morning she has suffered a great loss.

Uncoiling from her rickety bed she stand bath in the early morning sun. Now she knows for certain she must first search for the question then the answer to her barren lonely heart will appear. She decides to believe that with her whole heart.

She step into the small kitchen finding David there still all smiles.

“Good morning, angel face.”

Good morning David. Tell me about my life that which you know.”

“Take a seat and do you want coffee?”

“Yes, please.”

Sammy eagerly awaits him response. She watch the seriousness take hold off him.

“I came to this town a broken man. My wife

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