Embrace my night: Chapter 10

Sammy walks down the street with no clear direction in mind. She is so thoughtful that she wasn’t paying any attention to where she really is going. Suddenly it dawn on her that something wasn’t right. She feels the intensity of someone watching her. The moment her attention focus she see the ominous black car that followed her last night.

Out of nowhere she barely sees the body barrelling down on her. She is drag by the arm and pulled along so fast she found herself complying.

The car gives chase like the previous night. The two women run with a dead speed down the road.

Peter who has followed her once he was safe to step from the tree stand at the crossroad sees the two women fleeing in front of the car. The long flying brown hair has that familiarity that draws his attention like a magnet. He instantly followed the car and tries to keep an eye on both women. A fury built for the person chasing them.

Sammy spotted the alley but she just has

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