Embrace my night: Chapter 13

Sammy become aware that someone is looking at her. Sitting upright in the middle of her bed her eyes searched the bedroom carefully. The space is darkened except for the moon that peeked through the half drawn curtains.

Nothing seemed to be out of the ordinary but she still feels the intensity of the eyes. She definitely wasn’t alone. Throwing the blankets from her body she reaches out to switch her night light on. Pulling on her gown she stands in the middle of the room frightened but strangely stubborn. She tries sensing from where the ominous looks are coming from. Her door is shut so there must be something else out of character in here.

The watchful eyes continued looking at her. The very arrogance of it all made her angry.

Looking around in her bedroom, everything is basic in its necessity. Moving towards her wardrobe she opens the door wide clothes that apparently were hers was hanging there. Reaching deeper inside she feels the back looking for a f

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