Embrace my night: Chapter 15

Sammy opens her eyes completely unaware she is in a sleep-form of trance. Her feet lead the way towards the graveyard. With a subconscious secure step she found three graves. She stands there looking without comprehending.

The storm that seems to subside earlier found strength to gather the clouds fiercely together again. It is almost like nature feels the intensity of her turbulent emotions, feelings she as yet seemed unable to understand.

Sometime pass while she just stand there looking. When the first of the raindrops landed on her head somewhere deeply within her she know she must move. There is a kind of aggression in nature finding a link within her. Her feet doing the walking on its own towards the place she knew as home.

Sammy opens the front door standing within the open frame. Lightening is playing behind her, while rain is pouring down on top of her. She just stands there waiting. The images within her mind were a kaleidoscope of distorted frames.

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