Embrace my night: Chapter 18

Peter woke in the middle of the night finding his arms were empty. Like a bolt of lightning he was from the bed searching the house but finding no trace of her. Returning to the bedroom he dressed then left the house.

The night was rather chilly but filled with stars. Getting into his car he drove to the house she thinks of as home. The place was darkened though and this even though it was night didn’t set well with him.

Circling the house to his surprise he found a light burning and the window was slightly ajar. Careful not to disturb whoever was in there he took a peek.

Sammy sat in the middle of her bedroom just staring at that rucksack of her. Very carefully he opened the window wider before lifting his tall frame through the opening. He knelt behind her wrapping his arms around her.

“Hello my handsome.” She leaned back into his arms.

“Why did you leave me?” He queried keeping the worry from his voice.

“I had to search now I am los

Charmaine Cloete

When two people are meant to be together nothing can separate them. Family bonds are sometimes not what it seems.

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