Embrace my night: Chapter 28

Desire continuously sparkled with a growing intensity that covers leaps and bounds of strength. Their joined heat was heightening also the pleasurable enjoyment completely obvious between them.

Tears revealed the intensity of what she was feeling.

Peter softly kissed the warm salty drops away before setting about loving the woman who filled him completely. There was no fancy tricks just simple desirous lovemaking.

Sammy gasp as Peter leaned forward and kissed her deeply arousing her to heights of extreme sensitivity. He was awakening her now his mouth slip from hers traveling across her exposed throat teasing the beating pulse that throbbed so crazily. She gasps anew when his burning lips closed over one nipple, kissing, teasing clearly enjoying her. The nipple was erect standing proudly closed to his mouth that played over it again before the other nipple received the same pleasurable treatment.

A breathless shocked moan escaped over her lips but he

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