Everyone sat about the Sanders Mansion with gloom written all over their faces after they had buried Nicholas Sanders in his home. Nicholas Sanders might not be well-liked by the townspeople but his last heroic act had come to the notice of the people and they all turned up in large amounts to mourn him. The burial had been a private one and quick one. The people around had only been invited to eat and take gifts home.

Mrs Sanders was the most hit by her the loss of her husband, she had railed and wailed when she saw his lifeless body in the Stone Mansion. It had taken Mary and Catherine Stone to calm her down and explain the whole situation to her. She had gone mute ever since and had withdrawn from everyone so they all took turns to watch her every move.   Mary sat with her mother in her room, consoling her. She loved her father a lot, She had been proud, being Mary Sanders but she guessed her mother missed him more, the way she was currently missing her husband a

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