“I cannot and will not defend the actions of the late King, he was my father and I know him all too well. I was still a young prince then, Commander. What power did I have in court? I knew my father was a cruel man but there was no way I could stop him or challenge him. He was the king and powerful. At that time all I could think of was that when I because King, I would change everything and make everything right for the people. But where has that gotten me, new atrocities that he did come up every day even when it has been years ago.  I should have opposed his actions a lot sooner than this, maybe the Kingdom would be more peaceful” He paused looking at Jared, “It took the King killing someone I love the most in the world for me to begin to fight his decisions. He had her poisoned, My mother…” He said sorrowfully

“You still think I am involved in your father’s death. No, I am not, I heard from his Chief adviser at the time. The

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