If anyone told Mike Stone, a journey could be so grievous and exhausting, he would not have believed. But Mary’s excitement at seeing her husband was really having a negative effect on him at the moment. She was just too hyperactive. The bumpy road did nothing to help his suffering, he only hoped he could deliver her to the palace before his control snapped.

He groaned for the hundredth time as Mary questioned him for the hundredth time” Do you really think Jared would be happy to see me? I do not want him to be so cold to me. he rescued me from Ortom then he just disappeared, who does that? He could have stayed with me if he truly loved me. Do you think he cares? He is so hard to read and understand” she whined her beautiful face showing signs of glumness

Jared Stone of course Mike thought in irritation. He would make his brother pay for this torture he was putting himself through to save his love. Jared had been so eager to go save

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