For the happy couple who held each other’s hands, they knew they had gotten their freedom handed out to them on a golden platter due to their reluctance to let each other go. For Princess Catriona she still could not believe she had lost the chance to be with the one man she desired, she gave Mary a disgusted look. She had never liked the daughter of Nicholas Sanders, She always behaved like some princess she wasn’t. The two acted like Princesses in their rights so they could not co-exist in the same place.

Princess Catriona smiled slyly at the thought. There was no way Jared Stone can be able to give Mary the Princess life she sought or had been living. Maybe the king would accept her proposal. She knows her brother, he could never say no at the thought of bedding a beautiful woman especially one as alluring as Mary Sanders.

She beamed wryly, she moved closer to the King and whispered,” You can use your authority to tear them apart, their marriage is

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