Leaving his marriage for the women to organize might not be the smartest thing he had ever done. They made sure he performed every wedding ceremony in the history of Western Creek, prolonging the real wedding date. Jared was irritated to no end, the wedding did not irk him but what did irk him was his mother making Mary go back to her parent’s house. He was not allowed to see her till the formal wedding day.

Which was driving him crazy, he had wanted to keep her close to him at all times but that was blocked by the women.

Finally free from all hassle of their engagement, he escaped to the barn and began grooming the horses. His brother had mocked him saying farming does not look good on an ex-killer, but he would prove them wrong with the amount of wheat he would harvest from the fields. He had begun cultivating the land spread in front of the house. It was a large land since the Stone mansion was on the outskirts of the town. It was easy and trouble-free, he was

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